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Maintenance includes all servicing, tyres (due to normal wear) and mechanical repairs.

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Road tax is included on all funding options for a minimum of 12 months and in most cases for the duration of the contract.

In accordance with the terms and conditions detailed within your lease agreement, if you have opted for a contract with maintenance, this includes all servicing, tyres (due to normal wear and in some cases punctures) and mechanical repairs. Windscreens are not covered and should be dealt with in accordance with your motor insurance policy.

Your contract does not include motor insurance. It is your responsibility to arrange fully comprehensive insurance and in most cases we will require a copy of your cover note or insurance certificate prior to delivery.

In accordance with the terms and conditions detailed within your lease agreement, it is your responsibility to service the vehicle at the appropriate intervals as detailed in the handbook delivered with the vehicle, ensuring that the service book is stamped accordingly. You must also ensure that the tyres are legal and roadworthy at all times.

We are continually liaising with the major manufacturers to bulk purchase and negotiate significant discounts which in turn are passed directly to our clients.

All vehicles are UK supply and include the full manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty period can differ according to the manufacturer of the vehicle.

Yes it is possible to terminate the contract prematurely; however, you will incur an early settlement penalty which varies depending on the funder and the contract you have chosen.

Should you exceed the fixed contract mileage you will incur an excess mileage charge based on a pence per mile which is documented on your order and subsequent lease agreement.

With the exception of batch stock special offers, your local dealer can supply the vehicle, providing that they can match our discount terms and meet with the level of service and quality provided by our approved supplying dealers.

All vehicles include manufacturer road side assistance from the date of registration for at least 12 months and in some cases longer (depending on manufacturer). If your vehicle is only covered for the first 12 months and you require cover for the duration of your contract, we can include this within your lease agreement for a nominal additional monthly cost.

Yes, we can arrange to assign your cherished number plate or transfer it from your existing vehicle, either before or after delivery.

All vehicles are delivered free of charge (UK mainland). Collection of your vehicle at the end of the contract is also included. In the majority of cases we will arrange collection for you and if you have ordered a replacement vehicle we can coordinate collection and delivery to coincide with the minimum of disruption.

Our contracts range from 24 to 60 months.

Your initial payment is not a deposit, it is a payment made at the inception of the contract. This generally equates to 3 monthly payments, however a higher initial payment can be made which will result in a lower monthly commitment.

In the majority of cases both your initial payment and certainly your monthly rentals will be collected by direct debit. Generally the initial payment is collected from your bank account shortly after delivery and your monthly payments commence approximately one month after delivery of the vehicle.

We will write to you four months prior to the end of your contract detailing the options available to you. In most cases your options are to:

• Place an order for a new vehicle
• Extend your contract for a period of 6 or 12 months (depending on the funder)
• Purchase the vehicle (depending on the contract you have chosen)