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Maintenance includes all servicing, tyres (due to normal wear) and mechanical repairs.

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More and more companies and private individuals are looking at suitable alternatives to the company car, to ease the burden of the ever-changing taxation system. For many people this is a daunting prospect after becoming accustomed to running a fully expensed company car for many years.

Our personal contracts are designed for private individuals considering opting out of their company car schemes or for those who are looking for a risk free method of financing a vehicle for their personal use.


A popular product offering the private individual a fixed cost, hassle free method of financing and maintaining a vehicle as an alternative to funding a new car by more traditional means such as hire purchase.

  • Personal contract hire combines a fixed contract mileage over an agreed hire period together with a fixed monthly rental.
  • Servicing, maintenance, tyres (general wear) and breakdown cover can be included which can be of particular benefit to the company car driver when trying to calculate a budget.
  • The rental includes road fund licence for the duration of the contract.
  • With no final balloon payment, no risk of depreciation and no disposal worries the vehicle is collected at the end of the contract and providing the agreed contract mileage has not been exceeded and the vehicle meets with condition guidelines there is nothing further to pay.


Like personal contract hire, personal contract purchase is a cost effective funding option with the additional choice of ownership at the end of the agreement

  • Similar to personal contract hire the contract term, annual mileage and monthly rental are agreed at the contract inception with the addition of a guaranteed future value (GFV) to purchase the vehicle if desired.
  • At the end of the contract ownership can be retained by paying the pre-determined purchase price (GFV) or simply return the vehicle with nothing further to pay, providing the contract mileage has not been exceeds and the vehicle meets with condition guidelines. Alternatively, any excess over the GFV can be used as a deposit for a new vehicle.


Many companies looking at restructuring their fleet management process are giving employees the 'cash for car' option. With no benefit in kind tax to pay as a company car driver business mileage is reclaimed from the employer.


If you prefer cash purchase why not take advantage of our competitive buying power. We guarantee significant cost and timesavings. No more dealership haggling and we offer our very best price first time!